GVF Training with Afrikanet



As your loyal partner in telecommunications industry, we make our best to deliver training and development services that enhance your value and open your horizons to unlimited areas. Our training programs are designed specifically to help you develop your telecom skills at a small business price. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, Afrikanet goes beyond the norm to develop new insights, drive results, and add value to your career


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                                           What We Offer
Our goal is to provide  you with a worldwide recognized telecommunications certification and a self-development in a friendly environment. Our GVF certified engineers will provide you with a solid training with a highly-effective and self-based online knowledge training. They will work with you to reach your goals within a week. The training will help you to gain theorethical knowledge and the right skills while gaining hands-on skills with our GVF certified examiners. Upon completion, we will present to you a written certificate and recommendations for improving your skills and technical abilities.
                                           GVF’s Training and Certification
GVF’s Training and Certification program is a worldwide recognized  training for satellite communications. Courses are taught online and self-paced with interactive tutorials and 3-D skills practice simulators.

Our difference is that, our GVF certified engineers can provide you with the necessary support, in-depth examples and field experiences at any moment of your training. Choosing us is choosing for a better understanding of the program, while working with professionals with high-quality experience.

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547814_10201185506904103_1452163835_n  Testimonial from Darlith Rolin Batchanou, NOC Manager
‘Being a GVF examiner has always been my dream since I have received the GVF 510 certificate. I had to work very hard to be able to help others. For engineers like us, there are considerable challenges in Africa…My dream has always been to create a training and development department within Afrikanet and I have all the means at my disposal to make it happen! When I have received my GVF certificate I was overwhelmed. And I am happy to see that my project is taking shape. It is a personal pride to realize that I can enhance my skills in the telecommunications field that I love so much.’
Revna Comertpay
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