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Afrikanet Oxford Consultech Ltd provides fast, affordable and reliable broadband internet solutions across Africa. Our aim is to provide internet to African countries in order to reduce the digital divide between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. We are determined to help Africa in its economic, technological and social uplift.

We hope you enjoy this blog, and please feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us!

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37 thoughts on “Welcome to Afrikanet’s Blog!

  1. I think your ideal is best, Because many parts in Africa don’t have access of communications,
    Internets,Tel,etc. As i traveled some parts of Congo and we had problem of communicating.
    I think it is easier for someone to start small business in villages, towns for starting without big
    capital and you expand later for big projects.


  2. it’s really awsome what you guys are offering. please keep me posted on your latest products. thanks.


  3. Your idea of penetrating Africa with affordable internet access is good. Comparatively, your service charges are relatively cheaper than what is obtainable in the market. I know this is to complement your goal of delivering affordable service, which has also turned reliable and fast. Keep it up.


  4. AFRIKANET est en train de rendre l’internet accessible en AFRIQUE. En brisant cette fracture numérique, AFRIKANET par sa publicité agressive est en train de gagner un pari: intégrer l’AFRIQUE au village planétaire du web.


      • bsr l’equipe afrikanet
        je suis Fred ndounga le Declarant en Douane CEMAC
        j’ai participé dans la vente de materiels d’afrikanet et montage des antennes VSAT et boucle radio loceaux au sein du Congo Brazzaville


  5. This is really really great idea. I’m from Ethiopia we have only one sucks government service provider. the service and the connection is really bad. Please check us too.

    Kind Regards,


  6. Une idée est plus qu’un Homme. Nadège repose en paix et toutes tes idées apportées aux quotidiens resterons graver dans nos mémoires.


  7. Hello piople i have a question ,if anybody can help me i will be glad.ok that is the situation.I have nanostation2 and it is work perfekt i am conect whit the nanostation2 to a wifi ruter by WIFI conection wich i know the password ,,but the ruter is not main.i want to know if i can make my nonostation like aces point too in the same time,if that is posible.like to make the nanostation give me internet and be aces poin i the same time thanks …sorry for my English


    • Hi Kalin,

      If I understand well, you are asking if a nanostation can recieve the signal and distribute it at the same time. A nanostation will only enable you to distribute from one point to another point. Therefore you cannot distribute to multipoints with nanostation. For that you will need your own wifi router if you need it for your office or you can also have a pico station as an access point that ranges up to 1 km more or less.

      I hope this helps. We will be happy to help you if you need some equipment.+

      Thank you!



  8. Hello Afrikanet!!!
    I came across your company profile yesterday and i am so proud of what you are doing in Africa.
    Personally i am a Ghanaian born in Ivory Coast and i had the opportunity to live in both countries. I had the chance to tour West African countries before flying to Europe to further my studies and i share your vision because the digital gap between the two hemispheres is too wide and something needs to be done about it! It takes smart entrepreneurs like you to think about great business ideas for the development of Africa through internet access. I commend your initiative and your effort!

    keep it up and

    Peter NUTSUEGO


    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your interest in Afrikanet. Afrikanet has the mission to help fight against this digital gap that you are mentionning. And we strongly believe that together with our partners, customers and loyal friends, we can change something.

      Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me should you be interested to know more about us.

      Revna Comertpay

      Sales and Marketing Assistant, UK



  9. You could certainly see your skills within the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who arent afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart. ceaffdceekde


    • Bonjour Sylviane,

      En effet, nous disposons de bureaux au Cameroun. Voici les coordonnés :

      Olembe – YAOUNDE – Cameroon
      BP: 25240 Yaounde Cameroon
      Tel: +237 22 62 17 39 / +44 56 01 56 97 12
      E-mail: Cemac@Afrikanet.net

      N’hésitez pas à consulter notre site internet http://afrikanet.com et à nous contacter pour toute demande. Nous nous ferons un immense plaisir à répondre à toutes vos questions.

      A bientôt,

      Olivier, Afrikanet


    • Bonjour,
      Merci de l’intérêt porter à AFRIKANET.
      Je me suis permise de vous envoyer un mail pour que nous puissions mieux discuter de votre demande.
      N’hésitez pas à visiter notre site internet http://www.afrikanet.com/
      Je reste à votre disposition pour plus d’information
      Bien cordialement


    • Notre expert et Technico Commerecial pour la Zambie s’appelle Mr eHeman. Il developpe des lignes de produits specifiques pour la Zambie et les pays voisins. Ecrivez lui sur l’addresse eld@afrikanet.net.

      UK Office Manager


  10. Don’t hesitate to ask question or just let comments below, and give us a feedback. Thank you very much. Afrikanet is glad to know what you think to improve our services and to give you the best solution.


    • Hello,

      Thank you for your interest for AFRIKANET.
      We provide different type of internet solution and we do our best to provide you the best solution for your need.
      We use different type of Band: C, Ka, and Ku.
      First of all before proposing you a solution which will suit you well, we need to know your country which you will receive our solution.
      You will receive an email today with all the information.

      Thank you

      Best Regards


    • Hello,

      Thanks for your interested in Afrikanet.
      We have several projects running in Uganda, so if you are interested in our service don’t hesitate to ask us more information and our team will be happy to help you in your project in Uganda.
      You can contact us at contact@afrikanet.net

      Have a nice day
      Best Regards


  11. Once more I will like to représente u in thé east région of cameroon. Installations and distribution or internet fast speed connection.plse try to forward ur price list an conditions for partnership or representation. Try to sent alongside exploitation cost as comparering to thé optic fibre .


  12. Thanks for your interested in Africanet:
    really iam very happy from your Golding idea in our Map we are looking since a londest time a go for this idear. specially in my country Chad; and other;


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