Cloud IP 365 smartCache the caching device you may need!

Afrikanet and Bentley are delighted to introduce to you our new webcache solution. It’s the result of painstaking research and exhaustive laboratory test. We are sure that the superb finish and usefully of this product will convince you on the opportunity you have as a user of this cachebox.

What is CloudIP365?

CloudIP365 is a Cache device who produce high powevsatolembered Caching and Firewall/Router solutions for Terrestrial, Satellite and Cellular networks. SmartCache is a Small and Medium Enterprise caching solution that utilizes high performance software to speed up and save your Internet bandwidth by caching Video, Music, Images, Software Updates, and AppStores. The device supports and caches more than 800+ Web sites, clear and secure webpages (HTTP and HTTPS).

Some Features

  • Speed up your web access
  • Save significant bandwidth
  • Monitor and control web usage
  • Local Management Web Console
  • Compatible Transparent Proxy (TProxy)
  • Compatible Mikrotik and Cisco WCCP2 protocol
  • HTTPS Interception
  • Multi-Processing
  • Data Compression
  • Advertising Blocker
  • Safe Search on Video and Images
  • QoS/TOS for HIT management
  • Log Files management
  • Define websites as blacklisted
  • Pre-load websites for pro-activity
  • Google Data Compression and Firefox Proxy Compression
  • ‘Don’t Track’ for all your browsers
  • Able to not cache specific websites
  • Offline Mode


Here you can see the cache dis of about 1.8Gb, this is the total caching items load.



Total request from Afrikanet Webcache on a customer site


Customer can monitors visited website and block undesired webpage


From the smarcache, feature allow blocking some webpages, and even preloading other, this is useful for security.


You can even monitor on live the bandwidth saved, and disk, CPU and memory utilization


 Some srceenshots of the configuration

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Written by Rolin

Image source, Afrikanet Olembe smartcache device.



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Afrikanet being on of the key leaders in the provision of satellite internet services in Africa, and working in the same logic as Facebook, brings you affordable internet services through OUR BACK TO SCHOOL PROMOTIONS with our Waka mini VSAT Solution.  Afrikanet also facilitates access to electricity to the urban and rural population by offering lower cost solar energy solutions tailored to your needs and wallet.

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Written by: Ivo Takah

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