WAKA Mini VSAT by Afrikanet

Our WAKA Mini VSAT solution not only provides you a high speed internet connection, but also TV and telephony via VoIP at your home.


Afrikanet in BIMEPET exhibition in Benin in 2014

Afrikanet attempted the BIMEPET exhibition in Benin last year to present its products and services and attracted new customers.



Long Range Phones by Afrikanet

Afrikanet not only provides you with unlimited broadband, but also with long range cordless phones with a distance range of up to 200 km! Here’s a video of some of the products we offer:


Entrepreneurship in Africa Conference

Check out this montage of the pictures from the conference which took place on Saturday July 9th in Oxford!


Singapore Business Trip

Here’s a little montage of the Afrikanet business trip in Singapore. Enjoy!


Afrikanet team hard at work!

Here’s a short video put together so you can see how hard the Afrikanet team works:

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