Internet by Vsat, How does it work?

Internet by satellite is the best way for people living in remote places or without Internet cables or infrastructures to have access to the World Wide Web. The first experimental commercial communications satellite had been launched in July 1962 by AT&T and was named Telsat 1.

Today, many satellites, such as Hylas 2, Amos 5 or IS-14 cover the world and allow remote areas to take all the advantages of the communication such as Internet, VoIP, videoconference…

HDIW Satellite EN

How does Internet by satellite work?

Three strategic elements are required.

  • Satellites
  • Network Organisations Center (NOC)
  • A teleport
  • A Vsat System

The Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities[1]. All the telecommunication informations are supervised and maintained by administrators in a Network Operation Center. An uncountable quantity of information is shared through a massive cable network. To reach a computer located in a remote area, the information from the cable network is sent from a teleport, a centre, with 3 to 18 meters antennas, providing interconnections between different forms of telecommunications[2] to geostationary satellites. Those satellites, launched at more than 35 000km, receive the information in only 125 seconds and forward them to the remote place equipped by a Vsat system at the same speed. After only 250 milliseconds, any user could benefit all the information he wants in spite of his localisation in an area where no other ground infrastructure is availalbe. The information takes the same way then when the Internet user requests a new piece of information. Afrikanet’s Vsat solutions offer the possibility for remote location in Africa to get a fast, reliable and affordable solution.

[1] [2] Oxford dictionary

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