Dear AFRIKANET followers,

Always up to date with new projects and future forms of communication,  AFRIKANET team took place last month in major London conferences, exhibitions and trainings where new technologies, global contacts and brilliant perspectives were met.

CP Europe in London 2013
2nd-7th September (attended by Maria Servent, Sales and Marketing Assistant)

It is an annual technology festival where thousands of new technologies followers immerse themselves in a truly unique environment.

My attention has been captured particularly by the rapid profusion of new technologies such as the so-called “augmented reality” which is expected to reach out to a standard form of communication in the future” – Maria Servent, Sales and Marketing Assistant, Afrikanet.


During this special occasion, some famous entrepreneurs such as Mitchell Baker (CEO, Mozilla), Vinton Gray Cerf alias “father of the Internet” and Jon “Maddog” Hall (CEO, Linux) amazed the audience.

RADWIN trainings in Staverton Technology Park
16th-17th of September, Cheltenham (attended by Batchanou Darlith Rolin )

It was a one-day course which provided in-depth design, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance instruction on Radwin products line and system.


“As for NOC (Network Operations Center) manager, for me it was essential to take part in RADWIN trainings, and to gain the latest knowledge about PTP (point-to-point) and PMP (Point-to-Multipoint) systems. I was impressed by the experience and expertise of the trainers and it made me much more confident in executing programs” – Batchanou Darlith Rolin , NOC Manager, Afrikanet.

ECOC conference and exhibition at ExCeL
22th-26th of September, London (attended by Ibrahim Rotimi and Batchanou Darlith Rolin )

The largest optical communication annual event 39th time invited thousands of telecommunication forms followers and developers from all over the world.


Even if my visit in London wasn’t long, I found it very valuable. It was a great opportunity for me to find out the very latest fibre optical communication technologies and products. I met, networked and gained knowledge with colleagues, suppliers, distributors, product developers from all across the fibre optic community that lead to business development in the future” – Ibrahim Rotimi, Business Development Manager, Afrikanet.

The exhibition attracted a huge audience of over 5,500 visitors and welcomed over 325 exhibitors from 60 different countries around the world. It is the perfect opportunity to build new contacts and network with others from across the fibre optic community.


Oxfordshire High Technology Cluster Project
3rd of October, Oxford (attended by Casimir Berthier Fotso)

Professor A. Hamilton FRS, Vice Chancellor, University of Oxford

Entitled “The Oxfordshire Innovation Engine – realising the growth potential”, the report was launched by the Rt Hon David Willetts MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science.


It assesses the impact of the Oxfordshire high technology business cluster and recommends that growth is accelerated to produce greater economic benefits for the all the country.

During the event over 300 hundred of professors, officers, directors and leaders of the region discussed and displayed the strength, scale and quality of the science and high-tech business base that resides in the Oxfordshire region.

Growth opportunities in technology and innovation of the region have great importance for business development. In order to run Oxfordshire Innovation Engine it is crucial to implement superfast broadband across the whole region ” – Casimir Berthier Fotso, CEO of Afrikanet.

The implementation of superfast broadband across the region is due to 2015. Whereas Afrikanet provides with effective internet solutions across all the countries in Africa for more than 10 years.

Are you looking for high speed internet from satellite to your location?
Low cost equipment and services?
Flexibility in payment?

If the answer is YES, WAKA is excellent choice for YOU!


AFRIKANET WAKA solution provides internet by satellite for home and individual fixed or mobile station.
Monthly subscription – from 20 €.

Fast internet, easy installation and competitive price!

For more information contact our sales team:

Best Regards,

Inga – Afrikanet Database Administrator

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