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The Afrikanet mission has had a major boost for the past months after a reinforcement of the Academic team.

Indeed, with the support of our certified tutors, we welcomed trainees from Oman and Ivory Coast in the month of June and July 2016 consecutively; in order to prepare them for the GVF Certifications.

The purpose of this initiative was to provide a bGVF 1etter quality of service to our customers and involve them more in the VSAT technology, in order to equip them with a better understanding of Satellite Communications and satellite technology as a whole.

According to the GVF.org, ‘’satellite communications has become more popular, the number of earth stations entering the marketplace has increased dramatically.’’ In that light, Afrikanet is determined to follow advancements in satellite technology by training more engineers, technicians and clients to become GVF certified. The training and certifications offered by the GVF program is of global standard for  satellite communication training.

Courses are done online and certified tutors are put at the disposal of learners for support. It is important to note that our courses are not only intended for technical enthusiasts but also for non-technical trainees, and to all fields of industry using the VSAT technology. For example, in June 2016, we welcomed a candidate from Oman Government who brilliantly succeeded the GVF510/GVF520 exams edition 2 sessions of 2016. After such training, trainees can only feel confident to build initiatives, act positively and tackle major field challenges.

Follow the example of SODEXAM Ivory coast, which believed in the added value of training and released two of their ENGINEER to take part at our GVF BOOTCAMP training last June in Oxford. Joel and Octave experience and knowledge gained of satellite communication, field installations and troubleshooting process will equip them to boost their productivity and impact others in their respective roles.

Our Afrikanet Academy team is available to inform you more about all of our offers and to accompany you for all training needs from VSAT installation to Project Management in telecommunication.

Afrikanet Academy


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