Little words from our team before Cabsat

Afrikanet present you the team who will be in Cabsat. In the team, you have Herman ELDRUIGE our head of solutions & customer care with Latoya MENIG and Thierry MAOUT our business developers.

hermanHerman ELDRUIGE

Dear visitor, I am pleased to have the opportunity to meet you.

In AFRIKANET I develop VSAT and wireless communications solutions and will be responsible for the team present in CABSAT 2016, specially composed to accelerate success in your project.

Afrikanet has become a challenger in the AFRICAN telecommunication satellite market and will continue to find ways to ensure our mutual success.

CABSAT offers a climate of unpredictable affair, you will be there let cease this opportunity.


Thierry MAOUT

Backed by my international experience in marketing, sales and customer service, I am delighted to attend CABSAT 2016 with Afrikanet Oxford Consultech as a business developer. I am looking forward to meeting industry peers and visitors alike in order to exchange about the countless opportunities ahead for Africa and discuss the projects we can build together.

Let’s make this great event the stepping stone of a lasting, fruitful relationship!



Latoya MENIG

Our young and dynamic Afrinaket team will attend to CABSAT 2016 for you!!

I always start my day with a specific goal: Make the difference. And this is my strength.

So, I will be glad to share and implement solutions with you


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