Mobile Hotspot Printer: The device you need !

Do you want to share your connection with your neighbors or develop your business?
Our Mobile hotspot is THE solution.

Ours habits are more and more dependent on telecommunication devices which allow users to communicate, get all the information they want or share files throughout different ways: sound, picture or video.


Handlink WG-500p can print tickets to provide an Internet access with 100 meters coverage. It’s a standalone authentication gateway controlling the Internet access when clients are surfing on the web. This machine also proposes to manage the bandwidth and its cost.

With the recent increase of smartphones and laptops, a public free access with the same username and password for everyone is not safe. Yet the WG-500P proposes a reliable solution to counter these risks. Indeed, this advice allows you to customize every ticket to answer customer needs. It is very easy to use, just one click and your ticket appears!

The Mobile Hotspot’s interest is to provide an Internet access by choosing the client time access (Between 10 minutes and 24 hours) and the price you want. This device is perfect for bar-restaurants, hotels and particulars who want to sell or share their connection.

Not only is the WG-500P a ticket printer, but it also acts like a router providing reliable, fast and unlimited connection. With all these features, it is the product you need!


Send an email at to have more information.

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