The future of business meetings

There’s nothing like connecting face-to-face for a more personal meeting experience. When you can’t meet in person, videoconferencing is the next best thing. Whether with colleagues, clients or prospects, use Skype or Cisco for a more personal connection!
Using this kind of telecommunication will turn your efforts into higher engagement, higher productivity and higher sales compared to traditional phone conferencing.


The recent increase of NICT (New Information and Communications Technologies) allows giving job interview or business meeting abroad, when Travelling is not possible. Seeing your speaker’s face, his moves or his attitude increases your credibility and your opportunity to make a deal.

Videoconferencing brings a valuable strategic tool to millions of individuals and companies for face-to-face meeting, team collaboration, trainings and more, regardless of the proximity of participants.
The solutions brought by videoconference are made to reduce move costs, time and thus to increase company efficiency.

The last IDC report on videoconferencing and telepresence, found an increase in the use of desktop and mobile video collaboration tools among companies of all sizes. 44% of companies surveyed currently use videoconferencing and another 42% plan to begin using it in the near term.

Afrikanet is already using videoconferencence, and can provides solutions if you need it. Every comments and propositions are welcoming !


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