Headaches because of your call bills?

VOIP. Wordcloud Concept.

New solution is waiting for you to tackle your cost!

1 – Consider making a phone call to a person living in a country half the glove away. the first thing you think of in this case is your phone bill!

Save up to 90% on international calls

As a result, more calls can be handled on one access line

2- Increased effectiveness – voicemail, call forwarding and simultaneous ringing                                                                

3- Intercommunication will not be a problem anymore – Communication management is one reason of the growth of your Business

4- VOIP allows you to setup a conference with a whole team communicating in real time

5 – Increased mobility: working supported from home, mobile or dispersed office locations

Voip - communication

Young Adult Businesswoman

Contact us: +44 (0) 1865 408 365 or contact@afrikanet.net

Personalised solution and quotation will be provided to you!

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