10 Reasons to Choose Internet by Satellite (VSAT)!

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Looking for the best internet service solution you find a lot of different options as the medium of connectivity. Lack of Internet access nowadays is a big issue, if you want fluent integration and development of your personal life, business and society. Terrestrial Internet access available not all over the world and the quality of access available can be poor and unreliable.


  1. Available everywhere

VSAT is available everywhere where the footprint of satellite covers the area. Therefore, it does not matter how remote is your location, you can always be connected to the rest of the world only by using VSAT system.

  1. 99 % Reliability

Internet by satellite is known for high-reliability networks with redundant components, enterprise class hardware systems and networks that manage a large number of concurrent users. Our networks have historic reliability in the range of 99.992 % and our SLA assures that network outage must be fixed in less than 2 hours.

  1. Ideal Back-up to Terrestrial Networks

VSAT networks make a good back up network to the terrestrial networks (Leased Lines, MPLS circuits, Broadband DSL Connectivity, Internet Leased Lines, etc) and there are certain customized plans available exclusively for backup.


  1. High Speed Access

One of the best VSAT advantage is Speed. Our VSAT Systems can provide users with speeds as high as 10 Mbps upload and 45 Mbps download.

  1. Assured stability of Internet service

There is no interruption due to frequent changes in weather. VSAT networks are not affected by natural calamities like earthquakes, storms etc.

  1. Cost Effectiveness and easy management

The cost is uniform and does not depend on distance, hence useful for hilly, remote and ill-connected areas. So each year communication budget can be planned accurately. Institutions can fix their communication costs and make them.

  1. Greater Productivity

A single transmission medium and the centralised monitoring and control provide higher quality and better management. There is a single point of contact for operation, maintenance, rapid fault isolation and trouble shooting.

  1. Instant Installation and deployment

The satellites antennas can be instantly deployed and installed within a matter of a few hours. For mobile and transportable solutions, you can set-up and connect to the Internet in less than 10 minutes.

  1. Mobile Internet station

Internet by satellite is possible through mobile equipment. The end user location is connected to the Internet as long as the VSAT dish has a clear line of sight (i.e. a clear view of the southern sky).

10. Development possibilities

A VSAT supports a variety of network configurations and a large information including computer data, can be transmitted on different speeds. The VSAT is more flexible and less expensive than many land-based communication networks. Point-to-multi-point communication is possible.


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