Interview with Coris Bank International’s IT Director



We are Afrikanet. We are wholesaler in telecommunication solutions worldwide. We care about our customers and we value your loyalty. Together, we can change the lives of many and make a significant step for African development in a global world.
To celebrate our long term relationship with Coris Bank International , Afrikanet team has interviewed Mr Amidou Sow, IT Director.
Interview with Mr Amidou Sow 
Coris Bank International 
762AFRIKANET has been working with Coris Bank International for more than five years. In 2010, our team has collaborated with the worldwide recognized burkinese bank in establishing a VSAT network for 7 different sites in Bobo Dioulasso, Koudougou, Kaya, Pouytenga, Dedougou, Gaoua including the main office in Ouagadougou. It has been a true challenge as well as the beginning of a long term partnership for both companies launching the possibilities to collaborate for future projects. 
Excerpt of Interview  
Afrikanet-Coris Bank International
Revna Comertpay: Good morning Mr Sow. Thank you for accepting this meeting. It is a pleasure talking to you. Can you tell us what is your function in Coris Bank International?
Amidou Sow: Good morning!I am the Director of Information Systems in Coris Bank International. I have been working for Coris Bank for six years. I am working on the IT strategies of the bank and the implementation of these strategies.
R. C: Thank you. That sounds like a well-established career for you.
Could you tell us more about your project with Afrikanet in 2010? 
A. S: The VSAT project with Afrikanet was  an interconnection project of our branches to our headquarters for banking transactions. We are a bank. We need an optimal connection for our internal and external transactions. Our agencies cannot work if they have no connection with the central office. 
R.C: Thank you for your collaboration.
As a final question, could you tell us your thoughts about Afrikanet and our services in general and specifically within the project? On a scale of five, how would you rate our services?
A.S:I would definitely say five. We have never encountered any problem with you. We are fully satisfied. 
R.C: Thank you very much for your time and collaboration. All the best for 2014!


Thank you.
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