Frequently Asked Questions about WAKA




648Frequently Asked Questions
WAKA mini-Vsat
We have compiled a list of the questions we are most commonly asked about our genius product ‘WAKA mini-Vsat’ by our clients, and published them along with our answers here.We hope this will help to answer some of the questions you might have.
What is AFRIKANET SAT-3 -PLAY WAKA mini-VSAT ? AFRIKANET SAT- WAKA -PLAY 3 is a satellite internet service provided by AFRIKANET for small or home offices (SOHO), fixed or mobile station (ideal for travellers).
Which areas in Africa are covered? 

The countries covered under WAKA mini-VSAT are placed under the sub saharian african beam. Check the satellite coverage of your country simply by clicking here.

Which equipment(s) do I need? 
All you need is a 1 meter satellite dish , a Sat3 Play IP modem , the accessoires box (including iLNB, pointing tool, cables and connectors) and the dish mount. Once the installation is successful,  you can start surfing online!
Can I install my own WAKA mini-VSAT? Are there any specific requirements? 
 Yes. You can do your own installation simply by using the video provided with the equipment. There is no requirement whatsoever.
What is the speed of  WAKA ?
AFRIKANET SAT-3 -PLAY is currently offering speeds up to 4 Kpbs downlink (8000 Mb).
How much does it cost?
AFRIKANET SAT-3 -PLAY has the most competitive prices on the African market. The price and terms of subscription are available here.

 Is it possible to have access to TV  channels through WAKA mini-VSAT?Is it included in WAKA mini-VSAT package?

Yes. The formula 3 in 1 offers you the possibility to have internet, TV and VoIP (telephone) solutions all in one. With WAKA mini-VSAT, you can have access to a limited number of free TV channels by installing a splitter and a receiver.  The splitter and receiver are not included in WAKA mini-Vsat package.  Check the free channels offered to you in your country here.

 How can I have access to VoIP solutions? How much does it cost? 

In order to access the solution, you will need an additional connector InnoMedia and a VoIP phone connected through a cable. Please contact a team member at for prices and further information.

 How to purchase a WAKA?

Simply contact one of our team member at +44 1865 408 365 (United-Kingdom ) / +33 1 82 88 88 45 ( France ) / +237 22 62 17 39 or + 237 22 22 30 65 ( Cameroon)

 For further information please visit our website.

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