Afrikanet at ‘Salon des Investisseurs’in Cameroon

Dear Afrikanet followers,

Afrikanet is pleased to introduce ‘Salon des Investisseurs’ in Cameroon, a week dedicated to meet and create new companies, in order to promote investment from project holders in Cameroun.

Afrikanet supports investors’ actions


The event ‘Salon des Investisseurs’ was held in Cameroon from 18 to 24 November 2013 (Palais des Sports in Yaoundé, Cameroon), Afrikanet participated in diverse conferences and through its well-equipped stand allowed various companies and project holders to discover the variety of services and products Afrikanet can offer in the large field of telecommunications.


Afrikanet had the visit from the General Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Ebang Mve Urbain Noël at its stand. The meeting with Mr. Noël was followed by the presentation of WAKA Mini Vsat from Afrikanet CEMAC team (Mr Abdoulaye Ngouhouo, Head of Sales and Marketing, Afrikanet).


Afrikanet at Salon des Transports et de la Logistique’ in Cameroon

On the occasion of the first edition ‘Salon du Transport et de la Logistique’ in Cameroon, Afrikanet supported this exclusive moment by providing high quality Internet access to visitors as well as to exhibitors.

This first initiative was focused on the theme “The Impact and challenges of transport in the process of the emergence of Cameroon and sub-regional integration.”Primarily, this event helped develop transport and logistic systems in Cameroon.

In addition to the exhibitions from private and public companies, several conferences on various topics ( transport, infrastructure, logistic, etc.) were held.

The ‘Salon du Transport et de la Logistique’ is a first in Cameroon allowing participants to exchange information, to exhibit their products and services and to open up new horizons in the field of transport and logistics.


Rendez-vous at the esplanade of Yaoundé city

The time has come. Afrikanet CEMAC team (Afrikanet Cameroon ) is ready. The stand
is equipped.

During this unique event, which lasted four days, Afrikanet was able to provide
a high quality connection but also to demonstrate the ability of its products and
services enabling new businesses and markets to become familiar with the diversity
of telecommunications.


At a time when investors question the socio-economic development of Cameroon, Marcel
Tchuisse (CEO Africa Business Club and organizer of the Salon) specifies that the
first initiative is “the laying of the first stone to the emergence of Cameroon
in 2035. “(Cameroon Tribune).

Afrikanet as a leading partner in Africa for Internet and telecommunications solutions
is confident that this initiative is an engaging step in the commitment to the
socio-economic development for Cameroon, a country with a promising future.

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