Afrikanet commemorates the 20th anniversary of the OHADA treaty


As part of the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the OHADA treaty, the Centre for Research and Documentation Multimedia – CREDO, organized, in coordination of OHADA Institutions (Permanent Secretariat, Regional Superior School of Magistrates, Common Court of Justice and Arbitration) an economic forum and an international symposium on the theme “Ohada: Purposes and Sources.”

The ultimate goal of the week is to highlight the importance of the OHADA treaty in wealth creation and in economic growth of local companies.

On this occasion, Afrikanet participated in the two segments (forum and symposium) in Yaounde, Cameroon. Afrikanet provided support to this incredible event by providing Internet connectivity to all visitors and exhibitors.


Our participation in this event demonstrates our continuous support for the development of Cameroon through the review of business law in Africa. ‘
Abdoulaye Ngouhouo

First segment: The Economic Forum
“BUSINESS – BUSINESS – INVESTMENTS (Efficiency and Competitiveness)”
22-23 October 2013.

It is primarily an open trade and convergence of business opportunities in OHADA. This forum aims to facilitate the development of financial, economical and trade partnerships, operationalizing one-stop trades and investments and stimulating  the implications of actors part of OHADA treaty.

Second segment: The International Symposium
“OHADA: Purposes and sources”
24-26 October 2013.

This conference is a forum for consolidating the gains of OHADA. During this event, the objectives assigned will be evaluated with the aim to extend the local businesses to a global level. This is also a unique occasion to open discussions likely to bring
the OHADA treaty to a worldwide recognition.


Afrikanet was represented in orange colour and had several visitors from small to medium businesses. According to Ngouhouo Abdoulaye (Sales and Marketing Manager  at Afrikanet Online Sarl) ‘our WiFi connection was available throughout the whole site and participants could enjoy our Internet connection the whole time.’

Afrikanet benefited from a 9 square meter booth for the promotion and exposure of their products and services. In return, the provision of VSAT Internet connection has been highly appreciated by the public. ‘In general, everything went well and we received a lot of visitors for our stand. They appreciatesd our participation and many participants were able to surf on internet through our connection.’ Biloa Geneviève (Sales and Marketing).


During the event,famous names such as the Minister of Higher Education Mr. Fame Jacques Ndongo, Minister of Communication Issa Bakary Tchiroma and Minister of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) Serge Etoundi Ngoa were present .

The ministers visited Afrikanet’s booth.’Our brilliant participation no longer gives us the right to make mistakes because Afrikanet Online Ltd is now known at a national level’ (Ngouhouo Abdoulaye).


The enthusiasm was great ‘ noticed Afrikanet Cameroon team. For Afrikanet, it was a unique opportunity to establish strong relationships with members of the OHADA treaty and recall the basic principles of this agreement, which contribute both to the performance of PMEs and to the emergence of a larger and solid market built on the base of legal certainty.


The Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) was established by the Treaty on the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa signed on October 17,1993 in Port Louis and revised in Quebec, Canada, on October 17, 2008.

The Treaty is open for accession by any member of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and the geographic area therefore beyond the borders of the franc zone state.
The treaty’s main objective is to highlight the legal and judicial insecurity within member countries.

To this date, 17 countries are part of the OHADA. The organization is open to any country (member or non-member) of the African Union (AU), who wants to join.

Burkina Faso
Côte d’Ivoire
Equatorial Guinea
DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the only country to have joined the OHADA Treaty 13 July 2012. According to Eric Kalombo,IT specialist at SANRU (Congo), ‘this is just a great thing.’ He approves this agreement. ‘This union will allow the DRC
to comply with, if not international , mational standards and allow an influx of investors in DRC. ‘

What can Afrikanet provide in OHADA member countries?

Afrikanet provides integral, fast, reliable, and affordable solutions. We offrer Internet via satellite throughout Africa!
Depending on your needs, Afrikanet can suggest you a vaeirty of solutions such as as WAKA mini VSAT, C-band and Ku-band, VSAT, WiFi, WiMAX, long range cordless phones (LRCP) and technical assistance.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Sales team!
Phone: +44 (0) 1865408365

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