Afrikanet-Our team in Cameroon

Dear Afrikanet followers from all around the world, 

I would like to introduce you to Afrikanet’s proactive team in Cameroon. The CEMAC team is composed by ten members collaborating from Cameroon on several projects  with their colleagues from UK. Within our team, we consider them as the ‘backbone’ of Afrikanet!


Introducing the team..

In Yaoundé, Afrikanet Online Sarl is divided in four teams.The administrative team is responsible to ensure that the daily tasks are excecuted in an effective manner and deals with client enquiries. The team is composed by Mr. Dongmo Derval (Office Manager), Mr. Tite Sagdo Fotso (Administation and Finance Manager) and Mr. Djouyep Serge François (Account Manager).

The Network Operations Center works toward the monitoring and optimization of remote networks, They ensure network stability and peformance for a 24/7 operability. Furthermore,the technicians assist field engineers to perform installations  and transmit test.

In Afrikanet,customer aswell as technical support is crucial. Some of our key members are Mr Batchanou Darlith Rolin (NOC Manager), Mr.Ivo Takah Fomukong ( NOC Deputy Manager), Mr. Patrick Hermann Talla ( NOC Technician), Mr.Tane Doumptsop (NOC Technician), Mr. Boris Kuate ( NOC Technician).

Working in Afrikanet Cameroon is a real success! Everyday is another opportunity to help clients to be satisfied in their purchases and to give them the service they deserve!’


The project team works toward the conceptualization of highly demanding projects and ensures that every enquiries are dealt with careful attention in collaboration with NOC. Mr.Armand Raoul Ngatchui (Technician and Project Manager) is fully in charge of project excecutions and installations.

Last but not least, CEMAC Commercial department is in charge of the Marketing and Sales in Cameroon. It is a new team working on business development, client prospection, advertising and promotions. Mr. Ngouhouo Abdoulaye ( Marketing and Sales) and Miss Biloa Geneviève ( Marketing and Sales) also conduct case studies and keep the database updated.


What can Afrikanet Cameroon do for you?

Afrikanet Oxford Consultech is a company offering a wide range of products and services across the world going from long range phones to internet access. We can provide you with a fast and unlimited broadband or even WiMAX solutions to connect with your network(s)!

For more information on our products or our services, please contact one of our  members in Cameroon or in United-Kingdom.


Afrikanet Online SARL



Hippodrome – Yaounde – CAMEROUN
BP 5595 Yaounde Cameroun
Tel: + 237 22 22 30 65 / + 237 22 62 17 39

Afrikanet and Nord Sud TT


+ 44 (0) 18 65 408 365


Revna – Afrikanet PR

Cliquez ici pour la version francaise

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