Breaking Borders – 30 years with Internet


In Human Rights 2013, the Right to Internet Access is enlisted among others. 30 years ago, on the 1st of January 1983, the first Internet Protocol (IP) was launched, presenting The Internet. Our minds are not able to perceive life without broadband anymore, a fact that changes radically the lifestyle and the society we are living in.

However, there are still places on Earth where this lifestyle is not as easily accessible as for others. There are many countries in Africa where various steps still need to be reached in order to get this right for the entire population. In the past 14 years, Afrikanet has been putting all its effort to make this happen, enabling and strengthening the communication flow between north and south, east and west contributing to the creation of a world where equality and opportunities for anyone are achievable.

In this regards, this is clearly not a random month of January for Afrikanet; we need to thank to those people who one day could type an “O” from a computer in California and make the exact same “O” visible on another screen for people who were hundreds of kilometres away. That was the beginning that made feasible the millions of kbps that are being transmitted all around the world while you are reading this.

Taking the opportunity of this 30st Internet Anniversary, it is a good time to remind the role we have in this community. Our role isinstallation to break the barriers in Africa, creating complex network infrastructures to achieve an easy communication.

If there is something we need to celebrate, is not only that specific day where internet was publicly accessible. What we want to celebrate is the meaning behind that day when borders began to fade, the communication became smoother and the world started to feel small. Nevertheless, we have to keep working to succeed making this conceivable by everyone regardless their location in the

2 thoughts on “Breaking Borders – 30 years with Internet

  1. I love afrikanet company. But I want a favor from you, Please help me with the handout that contain how to configure routers, radios and CCTV online. God bless


    • Hi Izuagbe Peter!

      Thank you for following our blog.

      We are happy to help you and provide solutions for your communication needs.

      Please send an email to with your queries related to routers, radios and CCTTV online and we will reply soon!

      Thank you!


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