The EnGenius EP-801: only 369 Euros!

Had enough of paying for remote conversations? Then, the EnGenius EP-801 is the aImagenswer for you! Whether for your business or for private use AFRIKANET – Universal Phones UK Ltd can provide you with reliable long range cordless phones.

The EP-801 is the first long range phone to comply with European legislation. It has the same characteristics as any other long range phone, except that it’s more reliable and can be used safely all over the world!

Take advantage of our reduction and buy your EP-801 now at a cheaper price! Afrikanet has reduced the cost of the phone from 422 Euros to 369 Euros!

For more information on the EP-801, please click on the link below:

EP-801 Flyer

Click on the link below to check out our other EnGenius long range models all certified in Europe!

EnGenius models

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