CEMAC projects in Africa

The Afrikanet team CEMAC based in Yaoundé, Cameroon has been doing excellent work all over Africa. In the past two to three weeks, the team has been carrying out great projects with success in various African countries. Some of these success cases from the past couple of weeks are as follows:

  • Migration from IS702 satellite to IS902 satellite

The CEMAC team worked day in and day out at a VSAT station in Chad for an entire week in order to redirect a 4.5 metre antenna. Their work consisted of redirecting the antenna from the IS702 satellite to the IS902 satellite. This project took place in Amzouer a town in Chad located at approximately 1000km from the capital N’Djamena. This change in satellite will allow Afrikanet’s customer Millicom Tchad S.A. to have access to an even more reliable and faster internet connection.

Other successful projects CEMAC has carried out:

  • Training session – Freelance RCA
  • Writing WIFI & WIMAX technical documents for the ISP project in Cameroon for the WAP GROUP.
  • Pointing of VSAT antenna on the T11N satellite for Nguiti.
  • Pointing of VSAT antenna on the NSS7 and carrying out tests to ensure success from the CEMAC offices.
  • Presentation on MicroNet services and finding solutions for an ET opening.
  • Migration of several customers’ antennas from NSS7 to NSS5 satellite and ensuring correct functioning.
  • Research & Development in Wireless COMPEX equipments.
  • Research & Development on the Inventum Technology Offer.

The whole of the Afrikanet team wishes to congratulate CEMAC and wishes them further success in their on-going projects!

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