Afrikanet in Angola!

Miss Alinka Garbeloti

Afrikanet is proud to announce that its team member Miss Alinka Garbeloti is presently in Angola, Luanda for an internet installation. The installation will begin very soon and will provide Afrikanet’s Angolan customer Mr. Arminstrongue with fast, reliable and unlimited broadband.

Afrikanet is determined to contribute to Africa’s technological development and wants there to be no barriers between them and their customers. This is why we are trying to reduce the language barrier as much as possible and have sent Miss Garbeloti fluent in Portuguese, French and English.

So if you are in Africa and would like to work with us, we can assure you that we will do our best to provide you the best possible service and in the language of your choice: English, French, Portuguese or even Spanish!

For more information email us at :
Or visit our website:

2 thoughts on “Afrikanet in Angola!

  1. please I am blaise pascal vsat installer in cabinda angola, I want to know the situation about the autorisation in angola because afrikanet has got a custromer here in cabinda with the name of Massamba ambrosio but he has got problem for the contract for afikanet here in cabinda he wants to get the document but they need the cointract


    • Could you please get in touch with Afrikanet in order to discuss the issue?

      Thank you,

      Revna Comertpay
      Sales and Marketing Assistant UK

      Afrikanet Oxford Consultech Ltd.

      Headquarters UK
      Oxford Culham Innovation Center – D5
      Abingdon | OX14 3DB | UNITED KINGDOM
      TEL: +44 1865 408 365 | FAX: +44 207 900 6479
      Skype ID: afrikanet. revna


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