Mandela Day: get FREE VSAT hardware with Afrikanet!

Mr. Nelson MANDELA has fought for social justice for years and AFRIKANET is aware of how important this heroic figure is in Africa. This is why we have decided to celebrate Mandela Day with you by offering FREE hardware and a FREE VSAT antenna to any African school seeking to obtain an internet connection with us.

Today, July 18th, is the Nelson Mandela International Day, it is an annual international day in honour of Mr. Nelson Mandela, a great heroic figure not just to Africans, but also to the rest of the world. Mr. Mandela has dedicated years of his life fighting for social justice and equality amongst people, this is why the UN has officially declared Mr. Mandela’s birthday as an international day. Mandela day is a global call to action that celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to make an impact and change society for the better.
This is the reason why Afrikanet has decided to launch a promotion on this memorable day. Any African school contracting with us to receive a fast, reliable and unlimited internet connection,will receive FREE hardware and a FREE VSAT antenna. NB: Offer ends September 2011.Afrikanet knows that children are the future leaders, entrepreneurs or even inventors of this world. Therefore we are aware of the importance for these students to access the right tools and technology to study and succeed. This is why we are offering to provide schools with internet so that these students have the opportunity of succeeding in their studies.

If you are a school in Africa looking to install internet in your building as well as taking advantage of this great offer, please contact us at this address:

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