New Product Coming Out Soon!

Afrikanet is going to launch a new product in the surveillance and monitoring department: the i-PRO Smart HD cameras.

These new devices will allow you to enhance the security system in your business, and access the data (videos and images) remotely from your laptop or mobile phone via internet.  This new system even sends you alerts when a suspicious event occurs!

The HD mode of these cameras makes a significant difference to the quality of the image:

  • it provides superb image clarity
  • the visibility of objects or people in the dark is increased
  • the colours of the image are enhanced
  • it tones down the unwanted noises and reduces blurring whilst in motion

Afrikanet will be one of the very few companies to sell these devices and our prices are sure to interest you! So hurry and be the first to use this new revolutionary system!

More information about the i-PRO Smart HD cameras coming soon, so follow our posts on this blog and visit our website!

Click here to see the promotional video!

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