Entrepreneurship in Africa Conference

On Saturday July 9th, Afrikanet attended a conference which dealt with entrepreneurship in Africa. The conference was held by the Sub Saharan Consulting Group and took place in Oxford,UK at St Anne’s College.

During the conference, various speakers gave a speech and presented their businesses. The main topic of this conference was “entrepreneurship in Africa” so all speeches were related to Africa and how these entrepreneurs made an impact and contributed to the growth of Africa, our Motherland.

Pictures from the conference. More pictures on our Facebook profile!

The Afrikanet C.E.O, Mr Casimir Fotso also gave a speech where he presented Afrikanet and its aim in “making sure our brothers in Africa have a voice” through telecommunication and internet. His presentation was highly acclaimed and he amazed the entire audience with his interactive and powerful speech.

The conference ended with an interesting debate where both the audience and the speakers engaged in. The conversation revolved around the common belief of “giving back” to Africa and the importance of exploiting all of Africa’s resources to raise the growth of the continent as a whole and to rise out of the prevailing stereotypes corruption and poverty. There is no doubt that Africa is currently facing these issues, however, the continent has had a steady and promising growth rate of around 5%. It was therefore agreed by all that Africa should unite as one and that Africans should help one another to rise and reduce the existing gap with the northern hemisphere.

Afrikanet very much enjoyed the conference and was glad to have attended, and it was a great opportunity for us to promote our business and create links with organisations attached to Africa!

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