Afrikanet in Southern Africa

  • How can internet in Southern Africa be improved?
  • How can internet in YOUR country be improved?
  • How can YOUR business be managed more efficiently?

We have the answer to the above questions: AFRIKANET!

After its success in the African continent, from Senegal to Congo, Benin to Cameroon, Afrikanet is now implementing in Southern Africa. Now, everyone can have access to an unlimited and reliable internet connection via satellite. Thanks to our unlimited broadband, you can now be connected to the rest of the world wherever you are and whenever you want. We provide you with an unlimited broadband, the dish antennas, the modems, and we install it all.

What is more, you have the opportunity of being much more than a customer: a PARTNER. We are proud to expand through our partners in Africa. Afrikanet is present in more than 16 countries. We work together, as a solid team. We help you build your project; we even check the installation every year to ensure a succesful fuctioning of the material. Whatever your budget, we have something for you.

Afrikanet needs YOU to develop its activities! We are looking for partners in Southern Africa; we want long term business relations with serious companies, universities, governments…

Don’t wait any longer, contact us at:

Or visit our website:

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